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Product Details

What's in the Box?

400 High-Quality Components!

  • 18 Domes
  • 22 Level 1 Buildings
  • 18 Level 2 Buildings
  • 14 Level 3 Buildings
  • 1 Cliff Pedestal
  • 1 Island Board
  • 6 Worker Figures (3 colors, 2 of each)
  • 30 God Power Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

  • A Not-So-Abstract Strategy Game

    Welcome to the world of Santorini, a fantastic reimagining of the classic abstract game from 2004. Players are given a sandbox in which to play as gods, moving their workers around the board to build up a beautiful, multi-tiered city. Do you have what it takes to outsmart your opponents? Find out, in Santorini!

    Build it Up!

    Turns in Santorini are made up of two simple step: Move and Build. Move around the board and build a building in a spot adjacent to one of your workers. The first player to move their worker from a second level building to a third level building wins the game! Though, there are a few things that add a wrinkle to the basic formula.

    Invoke the Power of the gods!
    Each player will have access to a god power which lets them do things a little differently than normal. Be it changing the rules for how you can build or move, changing how you interact with other players, or providing you with an alternate victory condition, the 30 different god powers are sure to make every game of Santorini different and exciting!

    Critical Praise for Santorini!

    Received a Seal of Excellence from The Dice Tower

    'It's a very visually appealing game.'

    'The components are fantastic!'

    'You're gonna learn it in a minute and play for a lifetime.'

    -Zee Garica, The Dice Tower

    'This is probably the best abstract game I've played in a long time.'

    'It's a beautiful game!'

    'The 3D spatial aspect of this game is perfect.'

    'This game is amazing!'

    -Tom Vasel and Jason Levine, The Dice Tower

    'It's a pleasure to look at.'

    'I cannot recommend this highly enough.'

    'Wow. Holy Cow. Really, really fun!'

    'Really engaging and inviting.'

    -Joel Eddy, Drive Thru Review

    'Incredible, off-the-charts presentation that's second to none!'

    'We very much fell in love with Santorini.'

    -Rhado Runs Through

    'Probably one of the best games of 2016.'
    -Man vs. Meeple

    Build Your Way to the Top!

    Games play out quickly, but they'll leave you wanting more as you try and outsmart your opponents. May the gods smile upon you! Pick up your copy of Santorini today!

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