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Product Details

What's in the Box?

Over 40 Beautiful & High Quality Components!

  • 7 Oversized Geisha Cards
  • 21 Item Cards
  • 8 Actions Tiles
  • 7 Victory Markers
  • 2 Rulebooks (Japanese & English)

  • Win the favor of the Geisha!

    Hanamikoji is a simple, yet deep game of careful consideration for two players. Each player takes the role of a restaurateur, attempting to curry the favor of the beloved geisha. Can you sequence your plays in thoughtful reflection to outmaneuver your opponent.? Find out in Hanamikoji!

    Play Your Cards Right

    Gameplay is focused around the geisha, and the use of cards representing instruments of entertainment to sway them to your establishment. Playing the majority of a color's cards in a round will draw the matching geisha to your restaurant. However, each of your offerings must be planned in advance, as you can only present the geisha with gifts based on what offering tiles you have available.

    At the start of a player's turn, they draw a card from the deck and decide which of the four offerings to perform. Each player begins the round with the same four offering tiles available, and each tile must be used exactly once during the round to play or discard cards in certain patterns.

    Once each player has performed all four of their actions, the Victory Markers on each Geisha are moved toward whoever curried the most favor with the Geisha that round. If the two players tied on how much favor they curried, then the Victory Marker stays put. If at the end of a round a player has earned the favor of four Geisha or Geisha whose points total 11 or more, then that player wins the game!

    An Simple, Elegant, and Beautiful Game

    Hanamikoji is simple game, but its simple rules belie an elegant strategic complexity. Deciding which order to perform your offerings in, and which cards to use to perform each offering can lead to victory or failure.

    Save One
    The first of the four offerings a player can take is to save one of the cards in their hand to play at the end of the round. They place the card face down under the corresponding offering tile where it'll sit until it's ready to be revealed.

    Discard Two
    The second offering available to players is to discard two cards from their hand face down under the corresponding offering tile. Which cards do you feel safe getting rid of? Which cards do you want to deny your opponent access to?

    Play Three, Opponent Chooses One
    The third offering players can take is to reveal three cards from their hand face-up in front of them. Their opponent then chooses one of those cards to play and you get to play the other two. Choose which cards you lay out wisely and you could saddle your opponent with a difficult choice.

    Make Two Piles of Two
    The final offering a player can perform is to take 4 cards from their hand and make two face up piles of two cards. The opponent then gets to play one of the piles and you get to play the other. Like the Play Three option, the piles you make can secure your victory or seal your defeat.

    Gain the Favor of the Geisha

    When all is said and done, one player will stand victorious, the favor of the Geisha bestowed upon them and their guests entertained. Whether or not you gain renown is up to you and the choices you make from round to round. Compete for honor and pick up your copy of Hanamikoji today!

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