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Once upon a time, there were eleven honorable frogmen warriors, known as frog riders, who defeated trolls. There was peace in Elfenland for a long time and the frog riders no longer have to fight. In memory of the heroes of the past, they meet each year for the legendary Frog Tournament. There, they perform artistic choreography for the audience, but in the end only the most talented troupe will stand at the top.

Players make frog riders jump off one another and take the skipped rider. Bonuses can also be used to influence the gameplay. If no more jumps are possible, the game ends and the player with the best frog rider collection wins.

Frogriders is a colorful family game that is easy to learn, quick to build and fast to play. Each move is designed to collect the right frogs and at the same time to provide the players with no favorable templates. So tacticians here are getting their money's worth.

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