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Charterstone game logo above icons reading '1-6 Players', '14+ Age' and '60 Minutes'

What's in the Box?

all game components laid out, including board game box, cards, game pieces, tokens, player boards, and rulebook

More than 650 High-Quality Components!

Charterstone comes with over 650 unique components, including beautiful metal coins, wooden tokens, and over 350 unique cards that will modify your game and make it a unique experience!

Charterstone contains the following:
  • A streamlined starting rulebook: learn as you play and add rules as you unlock content
  • Engine-building elements within each game and over the course of the campaign
  • A branching storyline where short-term decisions have a long-term impact
  • A secret component found in only one other board game
  • 75+ "crates" to unlock: 36 metal coins, 350+ unique cards, and 230+ wooden tokens (exactly 12 of each resource: wood, coal, grain, brick, iron, and pumpkin)

  • It Takes a Village

    closeup of a card featuring a game character wearing a purple cloak, titled 'persona'

    Designed by Jamey Stegmaier and produced by Stonemaier Games, Charterstone is a village-building legacy game for 1-6 players.

    The Forever King has decreed that his prosperous Kingdom of Greengully should expand into the vast lands beyond its borders. To accomplish this task, he has selected six citizens to start a new village and compete with each other for glory. You arrive at a fresh patch of land on the outskirts of the kingdom, ready to take on the task of building a village. Each player receives their very own charter where they can construct permanent buildings that will grow the village.

    The campaign lasts over the course of 12 games, during which players will make decisions that impact their charters and the fate of the village. And, when the campaign is over, the village will be a one-of-a-kind, replayable worker placement game for you and your friends to enjoy!

    illustration featuring six characters from the Charterstone game, three female and three male, and the Charterstone game logo

    A Village to Call Your Own

    game illustration of a mine with mining tools laying around it

    Armed with only a slim rulebook as your guide, players will set out on their Charterstone campaign with only the essential rules needed to begin playing. Each player will construct their first building in their charter and use their workers to collect resources which will be used to construct other buildings. The Index will be your guide as you learn new rules and add them to the rulebook, peeling the stickers off the cards and placing them onto the page.

    Using the charterstone space will unlock a crate on one of your constructed building cards, adding permanent content to the game. Each crate will pull new content from the Index, giving you options to expand your charter and add to the village. Each decision you make will add up over the campaign to create a completely unique worker placement game for you and your friends to enjoy over and over again.

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    Learn How to Play!

    Critical Praise for Charterstone!

    Check out The Dice Tower's Spoiler-Free First Impressions of Charterstone!

    "It delivers in spades! I am so over the moon!"

    "I'm so excited to play again! It's so great!"

    "This was my most anticipated game of 2017, and it didn't let me down."

    -Rahdo Runs Through

    "It is a design masterpiece."
    -Game Boy Geek

    "It is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had."

    If You Build It

    Charterstone promises a unique experience as you build your village from the ground up. It is now available, so get your copy of Charterstone today!

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