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Category: Strategy Games
Sub Category: American West
Ages: 14+
Players: 2 - 4
Play Time: 45 - 60 minutes
Artist: Sergi Marcet
Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games
SKU: TTT1019
Our Price: $42.99
Contents: * 2 Game Boards
* 8 Player Boards
* 4 Score Markers
* 4 Disaster Markers
* 20 Wagon Cards
* 60 Townsfolk Cards
* 18 Town Cards
* 2 Draw Bags
* 36 Gold tokens
* 25 Dice
* 27 Equipment Tiles
* A Heapin' Helpin' Of Tokens

Pioneer Days

Tasty Minstrel Games

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Saddle up and guide your wagon train along the perilous Oregon Trail! Build a team of hardy folk and gather resources and equipment with a unique dice drafting system. But dangers await in the dice you don't choose! You can hire townsfolk, buy wagons, pan for gold, and take on cattle ? all the while preparing for inevitable raids, storms and famine. Who will best face the perils of the wild frontier and lead their wagon train to victory?

Pioneer Days is a dice-drafting game reminiscent of The Oregon Trail. While you pursue your strategy, you must be prepared for impending disasters such as storms, disease, raids, and famine.

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