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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Ironfang Invasion Poster Map Folio

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Ironfang Invasion Poster Map Folio

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Visit the wonders of nature and stone! These huge, lavishly illustrated poster maps display key locations from the Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path. A lovingly-rendered artistic map of southern Nirmathas and the Fangwood Forest depicts the campaign area and brings a rugged fantasy location to colorful life, a second map details the underground dwarven city of Kraggodan, where the players seek allies and precious lore.

The final poster depicts the otherworldly Vault of the Onyx Citadel, a fantastic realm secreted away from the world behind colossal stone walls and home to bizarre and alien beasts. Whether you need a rugged wilderness, a city stronghold, or a cavern or valley lost to the world, these beautiful maps are the perfect resources for the Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path or any fantasy campaign.
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  • 8 pages
  • Softcover
  • Full Color

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