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Bohemian Villages

Bohemian Villages

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The German saying "this is like Bohemian villages to me" ("it's all Greek to me") originated in the time of the Thirty Year's War and is used as a synonym for not understanding something; the reason being that, unlike the peripheral areas of Bohemia, people were not speaking German in the heartland and even the place names were unintelligible to transients.

The "Bohemian Villages" game, however, is very much easy to understand. With the right composition of luck and strategy, you are inhabiting these villages with people who will help you achieve wealth and riches.

On your turn, you must first roll the 4 dice and then create 1 or 2 totals out of the rolled numbers. Depending on the totals, you can place figures on buildings. If possible, you MUST make a valid move (taking the bishop or a special action tile count as a valid move). If possible, you can make a second move, but you do not have to (you can leave the remaining dice unused).

The game ends at the start of a player's turn who has no figures left to place. (If a player has no figures left at the end of their turn, the game still goes on. Due to intermediate scorings and being kicked out, they can get figures back.)
Sub Category:
Play Time:
  • 9 Bohemian village boards
  • 65 wooden figures
  • 4 dice
  • 5 overview cards
  • 81 coin tokens
  • 1 bishop tile
  • 7 glass tiles
  • 6 flour tiles
  • 8 inn tiles
  • 7 special action tiles

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