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Legendary Deckbuilding Game: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Legendary Deckbuilding Game: Buffy the Vampire Slayer


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Product Details

What's in the Box?

More Than 500 High-Quality Components!

  • 500 Core Set Cards
  • 15 Heroes
  • 5 Big Bads
  • 7 Villain Groups
  • 5 Henchmen Villain Groups
  • 8 Schemes
  • 40 Watchers
  • 20 Initiative Soldiers
  • 15 Potential Slayers
  • 30 Bystanders
  • 30 Wounds
  • 11 Scheme Twists
  • 5 Master Strikes
  • 60 Dividers
  • 1 Darkness Counter
  • 50 Courage Tokens
  • 1 Game Mat

  • Another Day in Sunnydale!

    You start your day like normal, a bowl of cereal on the way out of the house before breaking up a ring of demonic cultists on your way to school. At lunch, you stake a couple vamps in the heart on your way to the library to get in some last minute studying for your big test this afternoon. The swim coach has been turning his swimmers into fish people again, so you'll need to carve out some time after school to put an end to that nonsense. It's just another day at Sunnydale High when your town is built on top of a Hellmouth.

    Welcome to Legendary Deckbuilding Game: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a deckbuilder for 1-5 players that takes the core Legendary rule set and combines it with all of the vampire slaying, demon banishing, normal, every-day high school action of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Build up your team of Slayers and put a stop to the villains plaguing the town of Sunnydale before the Big Bad is able to finish their Grand Scheme and plunge everything into chaos! This is Legendary Deckbuilding Game: Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

    Light and Darkness

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer is built on top of the Legendary formula you've come to love. Work together with your fellow slayers to fight villains and recruit new heroes to your deck in order to put a stop to the schemes of the Big Bad. Simple, right? However, this vampire-slaying version of the classic formula throws a couple wrenches into the plan.

    The big changes come in the form of Courage Tokens and the Darkness Track. Courage Tokens are gained by playing certain cards and can be used to add one Recruit Point or 1 Attack during your turn. Courage Tokens carry over from round to round, so they can be used to store up resources for a big turn!

    The Darkness track adds another dimension for players to think about. Certain cards and effects will move the Darkness Counter up and down the track, shifting between light and dark as the battle in Sunnydale rages on. If the counter advances too far toward the dark, the Big Bad will carry out their Dark ability, wreaking havoc on the Slayers. If the counter moves enough toward the light, the active player picks up a Courage Token and gets new resolve in their fight against evil.

    Taking Down the Big Bad

    The goal of the Slayers is to take down the Big Bad trying to enact their dark scheme on the town of Sunnydale. The Slayers will need to stock up on powerful heroes and defeat treacherous villains in order to defeat the Big Bad once and for all before chaos is brought to Sunnydale!

    Each Big Bad has a number of Tactics cards that must be defeated before they are taken down for good. When player wishes to take on the Big Bad, they'll reveal one of the four Tactics cards and activate its Fight ability before determining if they have enough power to take it down. If they win, they get to add that Tactics card to their victory pile, and the Big Bad is one step closer to defeat!

    Scheme Twists
    Occasionally, the Big Bad will pull out a Scheme Twist from their Villain Deck, which will throw a wrench into the Slayers' plans. Each Scheme has a unique Scheme Twist effect, but you can be sure it'll mean trouble for everyone!

    Master Strikes
    The Big Bad has one more trick up their sleeves in the form of Master Strikes. If a Master Strike is revealed from the Villain Deck, the Big Bad will get their hands dirty and take on the Slayers head on. Each Big Bad has their own unique Master Strike ability, so every Big Bad will put the hurt on you in a different way!

    Saving Sunnydale!

    If you manage to group together and slay the Big Bad once and for all, rescuing some innocent bystanders and valuable Tactics cards along the way, the Slayers will stand victorious, saving Sunnydale from yet another impending disaster! The player who accrued the most victory points will be heralded as the MVP and overall winner. So, get your stakes sharpened and get ready to hunt some Vamps in Legendary Deckbuilding Game: Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Get your copy today!

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    Play Time:
    • 500 Cards
    • 50 Tokens
    • 1 Playmat
    • 1 Rulebook

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