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Saving Time

Saving Time


Sorry, this product is not currently available.

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Product Details

Saving Time is a cooperative adventure for 1 - 4 players. Players take on the roles of Time Agents. traveling through time to correct aberrations created by an alien menace focused on destroying humanity by manipulating our history. Players work together to gather Skill Cards that will repair Ripple and Crisis effects. You will also gather clues to the alien's weaknesses so scientists can study and capture it, ending the threat to humanity. However, if you're not in time and the Alien successfully destroys enough points in time, we as a race will disappear forever.

Saving Time is highly strategic! There are no dice. Players use Action points in order to resolve Ripple Effects, Repair Crises, and collect clues to the Alien's location and final plan.
  • 1 Headquarters tile
  • 25 Standard Time tiles
  • 4 Void tiles
  • 6 Time agents
  • 52 Skill cards
  • 32 Crisis cards
  • 14 Alien Plan cards
  • 4 Player References
  • 12 Ripple tokens
  • 12 Clue tokens
  • 4 Resolve tokens

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