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Chariots of Rome

Chariots of Rome

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Rome, 10 BC: Caesar Augustus has erected a mighty obelisk in the center of the Circus Maximus in tribute to his conquest of Egypt. Banners of the Red, White, Green, and Blue factions wave in the stands as the fans cheer on their favorite drivers and teams. Soon, the thunder of numerous quadriga, four-horse-drawn chariots, will roar as they race at breakneck speeds. Only the whims of the gods and the skill of the drivers will determine the victor.

Chariots of Rome is a competitive, chariot-racing board game for cunning drivers set in ancient Rome's grand stadium, the Circus Maximus. Each player controls a unique charioteer competing on the giant track.

But there is more to winning the laurel wreath of victory than just handling dangerous corners! Charioteers can whip and ram their opponents to hinder them during the race (to the crowd's delight). The gods are watching along with the tens of thousands in the crowd, and they may be inclined to influence the race in their favor!
  • One 12-page, full-color Rulebook
  • 1 Stadium Map
  • 13 Charioteer Cards
  • 21 Fate Cards
  • 64 Action Cards
  • 8 Initiative Cards
  • 8 Chariot Tokens
  • 8 Chariot Mats
  • 8 Rattled Markers
  • 8 Tactics Markers
  • 8 Endurance Markers
  • 8 Speed Level Markers
  • 8 Lap Markers
  • 8 Start Markers
  • 8 Wreck Markers
  • 3 Debris Markers
  • 1 six-sided Fate die
  • 1 six-sided Tri die

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