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Star Wars: Age of Rebellion: Cyphers and Masks Sourcebook

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion: Cyphers and Masks Sourcebook


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Far from the battlefields of Hoth and the skies of Yavin, the Rebellion is waging a secret war. While it is not completely free of bloodshed, this war is fought primarily with information, deception, and lies. The spies of the Rebellion infiltrate every facet of Imperial life, working alone or in teams to accomplish feats a traditional soldier could never hope to perform. Expanding the options and opportunities for the Spy career for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion, Cyphers and Masks introduces new specializations and species perfect for starting a new campaign or integrating into existing ones. New vehicles, equipment, and droids designed to be assets and adversaries to characters engaging in clandestine operations are included, with new rules for utilizing the skills most often associated with Spies and their tradecraft.

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