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When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream
When I Dream

When I Dream

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Product Details

What's in the Box?

all When I dream game components laid out, including board game box, game board, cards, tokens, minis, blindfold, player boards, and hourglass

More Than 200 High-Quality Components!

  • 11 Dream Spirit Cards
  • 5 Fairy Cards
  • 4 Boogeyman Cards
  • 2 Sandman Cards
  • 110 Dream Cards (double-sided)
  • 104 Point Tokens
  • 1 Bed (Plastic)
  • 1 Headboard (Plastic)
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Sleep Mask
  • 1 Sand Timer (2 Minutes)
  • 1 Rulebook

  • four game cards depicting art from the game, each card has a word that is right side up and one that is upside down

    Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

    game blindfold; it has a spiral in the center

    Night has fallen and you fall asleep peacefully. It's the perfect occasion for dream spirits to visit you and influence your dream for better or worse . . .  Listen to the voices of the Faeries, but beware the Boogeymen and the Sandmen. At the break of dawn, will you remember your dream?

    Get ready to enter the dreamscape and see some truly wild visions in When I Dream, the social deduction party game for 4-10 players. Don your sleep mask as the Dreamer and enter a fantastic realm where Dream Spirits act as your guide through fantastic visions. However, not all of the spirits have your best interests in mind, and your sweet dreams could quickly turn into nightmares! Gather round and prepare to play the party game of your dreams, When I Dream!

    wooden playing board, topped with the card deck holder, as well as two cards on either side

    Sweet Dreams

    pile of crescent moon-shaped tokens

    When I Dream is played over the course of several rounds (the number of rounds is equal to the number of players) in which each player takes a turn as the Dreamer. The Dreamer will distribute Dream Spirit cards to each player besides themselves, secretly assigning roles for the coming round. They will then don the sleep mask and prepare to enter The Dream.

    While in The Dream, the Dream Spirits will gives clues to the Dreamer while the sand timer counts down. The Spirits must get the Dreamer to guess the Elements on the Dream cards, though, not all the Dream Spirits want the Dreamer to guess correctly.

    The Good Fairy
    Players with the Fairy role want the Dreamer to guess as many Dream card Elements correctly as possible. They want to provide good clues that keep the Dreamer on the correct path. The Dreamer and Faeries score points after The Dream based on the number of correctly guessed Dream card Elements with the possibility for bonus points if the Dreamer correctly recounts all the Elements from their dream.

    Nightmare in Dreamland
    The Boogeymen want to see The Dream become a nightmare, leading the Dreamer astray with clues that subtly influence them to guess incorrectly. The Boogeymen will score points equal to the number of elements guessed incorrectly during The Dream, so the Dreamer needs to be on their guard against these nefarious tricksters!

    Mr. Sandman
    The Sandmen play an interesting role in the dream. Sandmen score more points if the number of correctly guessed Elements is equal to the number of incorrectly guessed elements. Their clues can vary from helpful to misleading depending on how balanced the piles are, because Sandmen don't want the dream to be too sweet or have it hijacked by the Boogeymen.

    three cards from the game, with the artwork depicting different characters

    These Dreams Go On

    Fill your dreams with fantastic visions with this whimsical and fun party game! When I Dream is now available so pick up your copy today!

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