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Apocrypha Adventure Card Game: The Devil

Apocrypha Adventure Card Game: The Devil

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Angels and demons colluding in the bright casino lights. Animals and plants coilingrough your dreams. Snake cultists seeking to raise a dragon from an Aztec pyramid. All these and more come together for a highly around us in the night. Strange outsiders entering the world th unsettling apocalypse.

The Devil is an expansion for the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game that requires The World base set to play. It contains four chapters, each containing cards that detail memories written by a legendary author.

This box contains:
* The Book of the Animus, in which the New Orleans bayou is threatened by the great spirit of nature, with memories by Kij Johnson.
* The Book of the Damned, in which Las Vegas is overrun with demons and angels preying on the weak-willed tourists, with memories by Erin M. Evans.
* The Book of the Dreamers, in which the cities of New England are invaded by twisted nightmares, with memories by Keith Baker.
* The Book of the Serpents, in which the ancient ruins of Mexico are unearthed by snake worshipers searching for the last dragon, with memories by Wolfgang Baur.

Designed by: Chad Brown, Keith Richmond, Aviva Schecterson, Mike Selinker, Liz Spain, Elisa Teague, and Gaby Weidling, with memories by Keith Baker, Wolfgang Baur, Erin M. Evans, and Kij Johnson

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