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Legend of the Five Rings: Fate Has No Secrets Dynasty Pack

Legend of the Five Rings: Fate Has No Secrets Dynasty Pack

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Product Details

What's in the Box?

all components of game laid out, including the plastic packaging of game as well as numerous cards in sets of three

60 Exciting New Cards to Customize Your Decks!

closeup of a game card titled 'Cunning Magistrate', with an illustration of a man kneeling on a pillow on the floor with several onlookers gazing at him

  • 3x Massing at Twilight (81/100 Neutral)
  • 3x Crisis Breaker (82/100 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Yasuki Taka (83/100 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Origami Master (84/100 Crane Clan)
  • 3x Itinerant Philosopher (85/100 Dragon Clan)
  • 3x Miwaku Kabe Guard (86/100 Lion Clan)
  • 3x Henshen Disciple (87/100 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Master of Gisei Toshi (88/100 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Moto Juro (89/100 Unicorn Clan)
  • 3x Seppun Ishikawa (90/100 Neutral)
  • 3x Fair Accord (91/100 Crab Clan)
  • 3x Young Harrier (92/100 Crane Clan)
  • 3x Test of Skill (93/100 Crane Clan)
  • 3x The Stone of Sorrows (94/100 Dragon Clan)
  • 3x Seal of the Lion (95/100 Lion Clan)
  • 3x Consumed by Five Fires (96/100 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x Cunning Magistrate (97/100 Phoenix Clan)
  • 3x A Fate Worse Than Death (98/100 Scorpion Clan)
  • 3x Ride Them Down (99/100 Unicorn Clan)
  • 3x Waning Hostilities (100/100 Neutral)

  • closeup of several cards' illustrations, including a buddhist monk meditating, a man opening a scroll, and a man flicking a coin into an unseen person's outspread hands

    The Imperial Cycle

    closeup of a game card titled 'Ride Them Down', with an illustration of several warriors charging forth on horseback

    The political machinations of the Great Clans are becoming ever more complex as they vie for power and influence. The time has come to appoint the new Emerald Champion, and the tournament to decide who gets the position has reached the final round. The winner of this duel will bring great honor to their clan, but what schemes are they willing to enact in order to assure victory?

    Fate Has No Secrets is the fifth Dynasty Pack of The Imperial Cycle, introducing 20 new cards to Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Customize your decks with new combinations of cards and create new strategies with the options presented in this new Dynasty Pack!

    numerous game cards laid out face up, showing many different colorful illustrations depicting many characters/examples of game play instructions

    Expand Your Options!

    Fate Has No Secrets adds a new layer to the intrigue and excitement of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Increase your options and pick up the Fate Has No Secrets Dynasty Pack today!

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