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What's in the Box?

More Than 100 Beautiful, High Quality Cards!

  • 84 Tarot-Sized Masterpiece Cards
  • 30 Inspiration Cards
  • 1 Rules Insert
  • 1 Two-Three Player Rules Variant Insert

  • Light Your Creative Spark

    Prepare to get creative in a new party game from Quick Simple Fun Games: Muse! Play as your team's inspiration, igniting their creative spark and providing clues that will lead them to their masterpiece! Or, attempt to interpret your muse's cryptic clues and pick your masterpiece out from among many other beautiful full-art cards!

    Muse is a fantastic party game for 2-12 players in which teams compete to uncover their masterpieces before their opponents. Each team will select a muse for the round who will be given a Masterpiece card and Inspiration card they will use to provide their team with a single clue. The inspiration card will dictate what type of clue the muse can give, and then it's up to their team to follow the clue and pick out their masterpiece from a line-up of many others. If they guess correctly, the master piece is theirs! If they guess incorrectly, the masterpiece goes to the other team. The first team to five masterpieces is the winner, so let your creativity flow and tap into your inner muse!

    A Masterpiece

    Art is essential to Muse, and it speaks for itself more than words can. So, take a look at some of the fantastic art from the game and see for yourself.

    Check out The Dice Tower's Review of Muse!

    Received a Dice Tower Seal of Excellence!

    Where Will It Guide You?

    Put your creativity to the test! Muse is out now, so get your copy today!

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