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Starfinder Adventure Path 6: Dead Suns Chapter 6: Empire of Bones

Starfinder Adventure Path 6: Dead Suns Chapter 6: Empire of Bones

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The undead Corpse Fleet has appeared in orbit above the Gate of Twelve Suns, intent on seizing the ancient alien superweapon called the Stellar Degenerator. Massively outgunned, the heroes' only hope lies in infiltrating the fleet's flagship and seizing control of the vessel's bridge. Only then can the heroes set the ship to self-destruct and pilot it on a collision course with the superweapon. If successful, the heroes can destroy the Stellar Degenerator, but they'll need to escape the destruction to live to tell the tale!

Empire of Bones is a Starfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 11th-level characters. The adventure concludes the Dead Suns Adventure Path, a campaign in which players explore the secrets of the galaxy as members of the Starfinder Society. It also includes a collection of new starships and starship options used by the Corpse Fleet, suggestions on how to expand your Dead Suns campaign, and a selection of new monsters from alien worlds.

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