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DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall
DC Spyfall

DC Spyfall

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Product Details

What's in the Box?

Spyfall: DC game box, rulebook, location cards, and player cards on display

A Whole Host of Cards Featuring DC Heroes, Villains, and Locations!

  • 196 Cards

  • 20 Standard Location Decks (8 Cards Each)

  • 1 The Joker Deck (8 Cards)

  • 2 Multiverse Decks (8 Cards Each)

  • 1 Ability Deck (12 Cards)

  • 24 Resealable Bags

  • 1 Mission Briefing Book

Collage of various location cards with art showing

Stack of location cards with Spyfall logo on the back

The Joker Is Loose!

The Joker is on the loose! The Clown Prince of Crime is up to some new tricks. His latest venture finds him causing chaos by infiltrating different locations all across the DC Universe. His cover is so good, even he doesn't know where he is! The Justice League is aware of his antics and the Heroes have decided the best way to find him is to have everyone start talking. Will The Joker say something that blows his cover? Or will he get away with his dastardly plan?

DC Spyfall brings you the game of social deduction and investigation you love with a veneer of the DC Universe. Play as your favorite heroes as they attempt to figure out who The Joker is with clever questioning and careful observation. As The Joker, your job is to figure out where you are without giving yourself away with vague questions and answers. Who will reign victorious in the end?

The Joker artwork with character running away with a sack of cash money

Ability card with Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman art and Super Speed ability

Multi-Mod Madness

DC Spyfall also contains four optional modules for changing up gameplay: the Powered-Up Module, the Harley Quinn Helper Module, The Joker's Jest Module, and the Multiverse Madness Module.

The Powered-Up Module deals each player a unique ability card that can have strong effects or restrictions, while some do nothing at all.

Harley Quinn Helper finds one of the players in the position of Harley Quinn (denoted by the Harley Quinn icon on their location card). This player doesn't know who the Joker is, but it's their job to provide clues as to their location for The Joker to pick up on.

In The Joker's Jest, every player ends up with a Joker card and has no idea where they are. If one of the Jokers calls out that it is a Joker's Jest round and they're correct, they score points. If they're wrong, all the other players score points.

And finally, the Multiverse Madness Module finds each player with a different location and no Joker is present. Someone can call for a vote, claiming it is a Multiverse Madness round, and if they're correct they get points and everyone who agreed with them gets points. If they're wrong, the Joker gets points and everyone who didn't agree gets points as well.

Superman in the Fortress of Solitude reading a newspaper, and The Joker sneaking up on him in the background

Catch the Clown Prince of Crime!

Play this superheroic new take on the Spyfall formula. Get your copy of DC Spyfall today!

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Play Time:
  • 160 Location Cards
  • 16 Multiverse Cards
  • 8 Additional Joker Cards
  • 12 Super Power Cards
  • 24 Storage Bags
  • Rulebook

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