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Warhammer 40,000: Heroes of Black Reach: Ork Reinforcements

Warhammer 40,000: Heroes of Black Reach: Ork Reinforcements

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This boxed expansion for Heroes of Black Reach tells the battles at the walls of Gospora Hive and Zanzag`s escape. Contents include: Goff Warboss Zanzag, Death Skull Painbow Grimsnagga and his Grot Orderlies, Bad Moon Big Mek Kagbozak, Goff Boyz with their Nobz, Blood Axe Kommandos with their Nobz, Goff Runtherdz and Gretchins, and Bad Moon Lootas with their options; squads and vehicles Goff Meganobz, Evil Sunz Tankbustas, Battlewagon, Deff Dread, Trukk, two Warbuggy, Mek Gunz, Gorkanaut, Morkanaut, and Killa Kan; plus a rules sheet and a campaign with four scenarios.
Play Time:
  • New rules (sheets)
  • Campaign with 4 scenarios (sheets)
  • Goff Warboss Zanzag
  • Death Skull Painboy Grimsnagga
  • Bad Moon Big Mek Kagbozak
  • Goff Boyz
  • Blood Axe Kommandos
  • Goff Runtherdz and Gretchins
  • Bad Moon Lootas
  • Goff Meganobz
  • Evil Sunz Tankbustas
  • Battlewagon
  • Deff Dread
  • Trukk
  • 2 Warbuggy
  • Mek Gunz
  • Gorkanaut
  • Morkanaut
  • Killa Kan

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