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Feudum: The Game

Feudum: The Game

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Feudum Retail Edition. Hailed as "articulate and inventive," Feudum is a deeply nuanced game for 2-5 players that rewards resource management and skillful planning. Six uniquely powered characters and multiple paths to victory make for an ever-changing, open-world experience each time you play!

* 1 game board featuring a stunning, mythical map divided into 6 regions
* 55 action cards featuring 11 beautiful cards in five player colors
* 6 royal writ cards featuring charters and mandates from the king
* 15 wooden pawns representing the farmer, merchant, alchemist, knight, noble and monk
* 20 player discs/reeves used to mark positions on scoring tracks and to increase veneration points in the guilds
* 24 region/landscape tiles depicting the orchard, silver mine, sulfur mine and archery field known as the "butts"
* 9 vessels including ships, submersibles and flying machines
* 17 king's seals/rosary beads used to acquire feudums, seal royal writs and increase harvests
* 12 archery targets used in the archery fields or "The Butts"
* 1 epoch marker
* 1 starting player marker
* 50 silver and gold shillings ("1s" and "5s")
* 1 progress die
* 110 influence markers
* 170 raw goods including food, wood, iron, sulfur and saltpeter
* 1 haversack
* 2 wooden monsters including 1 behemoth and 1 sea serpent
* 1 box
* 3 rulebooks (German, French and English)
*15 player reference cards (German, French and English)

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