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In Ancient Greece, Mighty City-States Compete In Every Way: Religion, Commerce, Politics... Even In War. Every City Strives For Supremacy In A Relentless Struggle For Dominance, Each Fighting In The Name Of Its Own Patron God. You Are The Leader Of A Growing City-State. From Humble Beginnings You Must Grow Your Might And Power. You Must Gather Resources From Your Holdings - Gold, Citizens And Hoplite Warriors - And Use Them To Expand Your City And Curry Favor With The Gods. Then, Use Your Military And Cultural Might To Overcome Your Rivals! Can Your People - And Your City'S Patron God - Claim Their Rightful Place At The Pinnacle Of Greek Civilization?
  • 56 Hexagonal tiles
  • 51 Terrain tiles
  • 140 Wooden Resource Cubes
  • 1 Philosopher Pawn
  • 6 Myth Tokens
  • 1 Last Player Token
  • 4 Player Reference Tiles

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