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High Society

High Society

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Product Details

What's in the Box?

all game components spread out on display, including board game box, cards, and rulebook

71 Beautifully Illustrated Cards!

  • 16 Status Cards
  • 10 Luxury Cards
  • 3 Prestige Cards
  • 3 Disgrace Cards
  • 55 Money Cards (5 Sets of 11 Cards)

  • four cards, with their backs showing; cardbacks are depicting an attractive woman, with the art tinted pink in color

    Become a Bon Vivant

    one game card, depicting a man wearing a suit and hat, with the word 'Couture' appearing on a banner

    You are the cultural elite, the quintessential bon vivants, the true icons of the age. The competition is fierce amidst highborn and noveau riche to assert your status and earn prestige in the eyes of your peers. Adorn yourself with splendid jewellery and high fashion, enjoy fine cuisine and fizzing champagne, and waste away money in casinos and at the races. Show off your exquisite palette and excellent tastes, but don't be caught penniless or be cast out as an imposter! Fashion is fickle but style is forever. Show them what it really means to be a member of High Society

    High Society is a bidding game designed by Reiner Knizia. Featuring beautiful Art Nouveau-inspired illustrations by Medusa Dollmaker, this latest edition presents this classic game in a new and sophisticated light. So, grab your friends and live the high life in a game of social standing and maneuvering. This is High Society!

    three game cards, with various illustrations depicting game characters appearing on the cardbacks

    Riches or Ruin

    a single face-down card, with its cardback featuring artwork of a game character with the word 'Passe!' appearing in the lower bottom part of the card

    In a game of High Society, players will be bidding on luxuries that will raise their status and elevate them to the highest rings of their social circle. Using their hands of money cards, players will take turns bidding on whatever card is available that round. Players can choose to opt out of bidding or bow out if another player's bid is too rich for their blood, picking their money cards back up. The last player left bidding on a luxury card will discard the money cards they bid and take their prize, moving on to the next round and another card to bid on.

    However, high society isn't all sunshine and luxury. Sometimes players will come face to face with an awkward social situation and must navigate their way ever-so-delicately through it to remain unscathed. When a Disgrace card is revealed for auction, players will need to bid to not be stuck with the penalty the card imposes. In these auctions, the first player to bow out will be disgraced, taking the card and suffering the penalty. However, the money cards the other players bid will be discarded. Getting out of an awkward situation scot-free can be expensive!

    The game ends once all four blue-bordered cards (One Disgrace Card and Three Point-Doubling Prestige Cards) have been revealed. The player with the least amount of money left is immediately eliminated; They are too poor to remain a part of high society. Then points and penalties from the luxury and disgrace cards are tallied and the player with the most points is the winner!

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    Elevate Your Status

    High Society is a classic game of bidding given a fresh, new Art-Noveau look. Get a taste of the high life and order your copy today!

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