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Zipang Portable

Zipang Portable


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It is 16th-century Japan, and you are a rising samurai during the chaotic Sengoku Period, a time of civil war and unrest. You must take part in successive campaigns to gain land and resources, while maintaining your honor, until one of your adversaries has nothing. After these campaigns cease, the one with the most resources (Mangoku Coins) becomes the all-powerful shogun.

During each campaign, you will use Character Cards to attack others and defend yourself, steal cards, take Mangoku Coins, reveal information, prevent damage, and even force an early end to the campaign.

But you'll need to strategize and decide whether to play a card with higher Battle Points to attempt an elimination attack on your opponent now, or keep that card in hand to defend yourself later. Play cards with high Honor Points now to interrupt your enemies' momentum, or reserve them to win the end of a campaign and all the Mangoku Coins in the center. It's all up to you. Show your honor!
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Play Time:
  • 30 cards
  • 6 reference cards
  • 30 coins
  • Rulebook

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