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Who Goes There?

Who Goes There?


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Product Details

What's in the Box?

all components of game laid out, including board game box, rulebooks, tokens, minis, cards, player boards, and game board

More Than 500 High-Quality Components!

a stylized dice, gray with purple symbols

  • 4 Dual Layered Character Boards
  • 4 Sculpted Character Minis
  • 4 Character Punch Board Standees
  • 80 Specialty Cards
  • 4 Build Menus
  • 24 Translucent Stamina Cubes
  • 24 Translucent Actions Cubes
  • 4 Locker Dice
  • 4 Infection Clickers
  • 70 Double Sided Punch Board Item Tiles
  • 18 Punch Board Strike Tokens
  • 4 Punch Board Critical Strike Tokens
  • 1 In Camp Board
  • 10 Translucent Action Dice
  • 54 Workshop Cards
  • 54 Storage Cards
  • 1 Camp Events Board
  • 25 Camp Events Cards
  • 1 Out of Camp Board
  • 1 Sculpted Phase Marker Mini
  • 1 Punch Board Phase Standee
  • 25 Phase 1 Cards
  • 25 Phase 2 Cards
  • 25 Phase 3 Cards
  • 12 Vulnerable Cards
  • 50 Experience Gems

  • five minis, including a dog and four people

    Things Aren't Always What They Seem . . . 

    Far out in the Antarctic, a shapeshifting alien was found frozen in the ice. Your excavation team brought it back to camp to study, but the ice has since thawed. Now, disaster wrecks your camp, and that Thing is out there somewhere. You'll need to work together, watch each others' backs, and fight for survival, but it's hard to take orders from a leader you don't trust, first aid from a vulnerable doctor, or food from a suspicious cook. Trust is a hard thing to come by when you must be wary of . . .  Who Goes There?

    Who Goes There? is a growing paranoia game based on the 1938 science fiction novella, Who Goes There?, written by John W. Campbell. It's a game of strategy, trust, and deception where players must work together to survive the Antarctic dangers and escape from the alien lifeform running loose in the camp.

    The path players must take to achieve this is fraught with attacks, setbacks, and vulnerability. Can you survive until the final round and board the helicopter to escape? Find out in Who Goes There?

    components of the game laid out, including game board, player boards, cards, minis, tokens, and dice


    closeup of orange minis, tokens, and an orange dice placed onto the game board

    In Who Goes There?, players make up an Antarctic research team struggling for survival. Players will need to work together to build items and upgrade their characters in order to last until the final round and board the helicopter. Players must also venture outside to search for Helicopter bonuses which will help them successfully escape.

    Gather food and gear to help you survive and fight off the Thing when it comes to attack. Avoid putting yourself in vulnerable situations to keep suspicion off yourself while making sure you gather enough Helicopter Bonus items to escape (Geographic Maps, Fuel, and Research Data).

    Each player starts out human, but failing to prepare will leave players vulnerable to becoming infected by the Thing. The goal is to survive until the final round and board the helicopter with enough bonuses to reach the required total. But be careful not to let any infected players on board! Any infected players that make it on to the helicopter will count their bonuses against the humans' totals. If the humans fail to meet their required total with Infected players on board, the Infected players win.

    card organizer, with all the cards tucked into their own space

    Character Expansions

    In addition to the base game, Who Goes There? has two character expansions with two new characters each. Play up to a 6 player game with new characters or swap in characters from the expansions with the 4 in the base game!

    Blair and Clark
    Add Blair the Biologist and Clark the Dog Handler into the game! This expansion comes with two new characters along with everything you need to add them to your game!

    all the components of Who Goes There: Blair and Clark Character Expansion laid out, including board game box, rulebooks, minis, cards, and tokens

    Van Wall and Norris
    Van Wall the Chopper Pilot and Norris the Physicist provide new characters options for your next game! This expansion introduces an additional two characters and everything needed to add them to your game!

    all the components of Who Goes There: Van Wall and Norris Character Expansion laid out, including board game box, rulebooks, minis, cards, and tokens

    Who Goes There?

    Fight against the paranoia, find out who's human, and make your escape! Get your copy of Who Goes There? today!

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