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Metal Dawn

Metal Dawn

Out of Stock  
Estimated Release Date: 2021
Preorder Notes:
Expected Release: 2021. Date subject to change.

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Product Details

Where technology was once created to protect mankind, it is now mankind that needs protection. Dominus, an international satellite defense system, has gone rogue, turning state-of-the-art defensive weapons into an all-out assault force on the human race. You and your team of up to four players will race between Zones in Washington D.C. to gather the necessary intel and technology you need to hack the code. Get it right and you'll bring Dominus back down to Earth for a final confrontation. Get it wrong and you can say goodbye to life as you know it. Welcome to Metal Dawn. Will you and your team restore global order or will Dominus usher in a new era of machine supremacy?
  • 3 Gameboards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 6 Player Mats
  • 16 Character Standees
  • 82 Enemy Standees
  • 106 Tokens
  • 26 Zone Cards
  • 24 Dominus Cards
  • 16 Robot Dominus Cards
  • 8 Division Cards
  • 20 Objective Cards
  • 16 Agent Cards
  • 52 Weapon Mini Cards
  • 44 Gear Mini Cards
  • 40 Intel Mini Cards
  • 31 Mission Mini Cards
  • 15 Code Mini Cards
  • 50 Plastic Stand

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