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Spielbox Magazine Issue #4 2018 English Edition

Spielbox Magazine Issue #4 2018 English Edition

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This issue of Spielbox contains a promo pack for "The Quest of El Dorado" by Ravensburger, in addition to an interview with Andre Maack and a feature on game publisher Oink Games. All this and nearly 20 new reviews from the industry's premier game magazine! Made in Germany.

Provoking Cascading Effects: Ganz schon clever
The Whole Shebang: Imaginarium
Not a Real Race: New Found Land
Spellbound by the Cauldron: The Quacks of Quedlingburg
Structure for Duidance: The Rise of Queensdale
Race Through the Temple: Luxor
Attrition Warface: War of the Buttons
Craft Your Own Stained Glass Window: Sagrada
The Lack of Measureability: Fast Forward - Flee
Delight in Shortage: Carthago
For Those With a Green Thumb: Chill & Chili
Terra Scotia: Clans of Caledonia
Body Shaping Without a Gym: Chimera Station
A Spoilsport Spills the Beans: Charterstone
Masks and Rituals: Wendake

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