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Nut Job
Nut Job
Nut Job
Nut Job

Nut Job

Out of Stock  
Estimated Release Date: 2021 Q1
Preorder Notes:
Expected Release: Q1 2021. Date subject to change.

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Product Details

Did you pass a red leaf or a blue leaf? Or maybe it was actually a rock? You'll never find those hidden hazelnuts if you can't remember the way! Surely it can't be that difficult... or can it?

In Nut Job, players will scramble like squirrels through a colorful forest looking for the hazelnuts they have hidden away. Each turn you will have to get through three placards that separate you from your nutty prize. These placards each have a form (rock, leaf, mushroom), and a color (red, yellow, blue) that are hidden from players. If you name the correct color on all three placards in your path you collect a nut token! But make a mistake and your turn ends immediately, giving your opponents a chance to make their own guesses. Once you collect a nut token it forces all other players to flip their character tokens to the opposite side, meaning they will now have to guess forms instead of colors and vice versa. Be the first player to collect 5 hazelnuts and you can win the game, just try not to go nuts in the process!
Sub Category:
Play Time:
  • 9 Forest Placards
  • 12 Nut Tokens
  • 4 Squirrel Tokens
  • 1 Rule Sheet

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