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Roll For Your Life, Candyman!

Roll For Your Life, Candyman!

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Roll For Your Life, Candyman!
A fast-rolling, real-time new twist on everyone's favorite game of gingerbread cookie carnage.

Two to four players face off in arena style, free-for-all battles, rolling their dice like crazy. When a player gets all four of their dice to match, they grab the plastic candy cane at the center of the table, stopping the action - and claiming an opponent's limb matching the die result. Losing all your 'puzzle-board' parts eliminates you from the round - but fear not, it is the player at the end of three rounds who has collected the most cookie parts that wins the day!

* Lightning-fast dice game for 2-4 players, inspired by the original Run for your Life, Candyman! - but distilled down to the most exciting moments of turning your opponents into crumbs.

* Anyone can learn to play in one minute, enjoy a game in 10 minutes, and draw a crowd with the energy at the table. In short - demos like a dream.
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