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Deep Space D-6
Deep Space D-6
Deep Space D-6
Deep Space D-6
Deep Space D-6
Deep Space D-6
Deep Space D-6
Deep Space D-6
Deep Space D-6
Deep Space D-6

Deep Space D-6

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Product Details

What's in the Box?

Deep Space D-6 game boards, dice, rulebook, and cards on display

An Exciting Solo-Game Experience!

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 4 Ships Boards

  • 6 Crew Dice

  • 1 Threat Die

  • 1 Infirmary Card

  • 1 Hull Tracker Cube

  • 1 Shield Tracker Cube

  • 54 Threat Cards

Six plastic white dice with engraved multicolored icons

Deep Space D-6 setup with game board and dice

Leap into Action!

You are the Captain of the UEW Crypsis - a RPTR class starship on routine patrol of the Auborne system - when a distress call was received. Upon warping in, you quickly realize it was a trap! With the help of your crew, you must survive until a rescue fleet appears.

Deep Space D-6 is a solitaire dice game about survival in uncharted deep space. Each turn, you'll roll crew dice and assign them to a station or threat. You must deal with internal and external threats to your ship.

To win, you must survive by destroying all external threats in the deck.

Four threat cards with dice icons and card effects

You're In Command!

Take command of your ship and steer your crew out of danger! Get your copy of the solitaire experience extraordinaire, Deep Space D-6, today!

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