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Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry Expansion

Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry Expansion

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Rivalry, the 2nd expansion for the hugely-popular Roll for the Galaxy is effectively three expansions in one. It adds a whopping 437 components, including new factions, new dice, new homeworlds, new game tiles, and even new customizable dice.

In The Deal expansion, a new phase is added to the game using the customizable dice and allowing players to get in on deals and exchange some assets for others.

With The Orb, a Research phase is added to the game, allowing the players to modify their customizable dice to obtain immediate benefits or improved effects.
  • 62 Custom dice
  • 8 Faction tiles
  • 13 Game tiles
  • 12 Customizable dice
  • 222 Custom die faces
  • 5 Game screens
  • 44 Talent counters
  • 30 Misc counters
  • 5 Reference sheets
  • 5 Phase strips
  • 5 Player discs
  • $ phase tile
  • Priority track
  • 3 VP chips
  • Rulebook
  • Deal mat
  • 10 Die tools

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