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Channel A: Alpha Genesis Edition

Channel A: Alpha Genesis Edition

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Would you watch an anime called "Moldy Seed Prince"? No?
What about "Gorilla Cyborg Force Overdrive"?

Channel A is a party game in which you create and pitch ridiculous anime series and convince the other players that they really want to watch them! Create shows based on random words in your hand, and vote for your favorites. The Alpha Genesis edition includes everything you need to play - 250+ title cards, 112 premise cards, and more! Already have a copy of the first edition? This one includes about 70 new cards, including new and updated chibi to inspire your show ideas.

Ready your kaiju, magical girls, and secret ninjas and tune in for an evening of hilarious fun!

In this game, you'll find:
* Clear instructions to start any group playing in minutes.
* 272 title cards, each with a word or phrase to build your show titles.
* 112 premise cards, 100 with an inspirational category, and 12 with an inspirational chibi character.
* 16 blank cards to add your own flair to the games.
* 1 Producer Card.

Tune in and turn up the fun with Channel A!
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