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Strategy and Tactics 318: Constantinople

Strategy and Tactics 318: Constantinople

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Constantinople is a solitaire wargame system covering the Byzantine (or Later Roman) Empire in the late 7th and early 8th centuries, the era of the two Barbarian sieges of the great City of Constantinople (AD 672, 717). The player controls Byzantine and allied forces. The game system controls various barbarian forces: Caliphates of Egypt, Syria and Mosul, Khazar Khanate, Bulgar Kingdom, Slavic Tribes and Lombard Kingdom. The objective of the player is to defeat Barbarians while expanding Byzantine power. Each turn represents a campaign season, from three months to a year. Ground units represent 10-30,000 soldiers or warriors. Each hex is about 55 miles across. Fortresses represent single great fortresses. Towns represent larger settled areas.

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