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Paranoia RPG: Truth or Dare

Paranoia RPG: Truth or Dare

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Preorder Notes:
Expected Release: 2019. Date subject to change.

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Product Details

There are times when terminating traitors needs to be obvious and recorded for entertainment. Then there are rare cases where terminations need to be subtle and understated. Are these cases rare because the Computer wants citizens to witness the price of treason or because Troubleshooters are about as subtle as a docbot with a bloody chainsaw? Truth or Dare is a mission for the the Paranoia RPG. Here, Troubleshooters will be taught how to infiltrate a secret society without letting on that they are Troubleshooters. When that fails, they will enjoy painful Coretech upgrades, an underground punk concert, candy-coated death traps, an extremely annoying NPC that just will not go way and so many mission updates that even us Famous Game Designers got lost while writing this. Question: Is treason committed while undercover still treason? Answer: We will see.

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