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Peloponnesian War

Peloponnesian War

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The enhanced version of Mark Herman's Peloponnesian War design that was originally published by Victory Games. This military game of ancient warfare lets YOU chart the destiny of the war. Peloponnesian War uses a still-unique solitaire system that was a pioneer in this genre, yet was never copied.

From the opening of the Archadameian War in 431BC to the Fall of Athens in 404, The Peloponnesian War allows YOU to compete against the man in the mirror, as you live through the suicide of Greece. Maneuver your generals, hoplites, and navies to fight battles and attempt to bring the war to an end on your terms. Take heed, however. As you weaken your foe, you create a greater game challenge for yourself. For as you improve in strength, so does your opponent.
Sub Category:
  • One 22"x34" Mounted Mapboard
  • 2 8"x10" Mounted Strategy Boards
  • 2 Counter Sheets
  • 4 Player Aid Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Playbook
  • 2 D6 dice

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