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Quatre Bras 1815: Last Eagles

Quatre Bras 1815: Last Eagles

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Quatre Bras 1815, Last Eagles is the 4th Volume in Eagles of France series, after Waterloo 1815. Austerlitz 1805, and Ligny 1815.

The focus is on morale, attrition, and commitment of formation (division & corps) at the right time, rather than tactical chrome. The detailed order of battle and the scale of the game allow players to really see the action and the game system provides a quick but realistic resolution.

The system is a mix of well-known concepts and new features to maximize playability and realism of outcomes. Formations are given simple order that limit their ability to freely react to any sudden change of priority. Orders take some time a while before being changed. Units are classically rated for size, quality, and movement. Formations activate one after the other at player's choice but have to follow the order they received at the beginning of the turn or even before. The game features offensive fire, defensive fire, opportunity fire, charge and counter charge, retreat before combat, and melee. A lot of classical "prohibitions" are transformed into options: for example, cavalry can move from ZOC to ZOC but risk counter charges or more opportunity fire. A ZOC of a strong unit is therefore not the same as the ZOC of a weaker one.
Sub Category:
  • 4 Countersheets
  • 2 Backprinted Maps
  • 1 Series Rules Booklet
  • 1 Playbook
  • 18 Playing Cards
  • 16 Full-color Play Aids
  • 2 Dice

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