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Aetherium: The Roleplaying Game

Aetherium: The Roleplaying Game

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The Aetherium Roleplaying Game opens Anvil 8 Game?s miniatures skirmish game to a whole new virtual frontier with a full ruleset you can use to enter the Quantum Noise as a character of your own creation. Take a deep dive into this dystopian cyberpunk future, a game with an innovative dice mechanic that simulates the limitless possibilities of the Aetherium?s digital mindscape.

Aetherium RPG allows for characters to twist the rules of reality, or simply rewrite them! Play as an operative, anarchist, corporate agent, hactivist, pioneer, spy, and more as you struggle to maintain your wondrously creative programs and your mind soars through infinite worlds. Your body may be trapped in Meatspace, but playing the Aetherium Roleplaying Game will transport you(r character) to a brilliant new digital dimension.

The Aetherium Roleplaying Book is a 256-page full color rulebook the Aetherium story thus far and includes all the core rules for The Basics, Character Creation, Programs and Hacking, Aetherium Mechanics, The Aetherial World, Gamemastering, Adventures, The Material World, Meatspace Characters, Luxuries, and the Embodified Life.
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