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Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies

Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies

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Ultra-Tiny Epic Galaxies is everything Tiny Epic Galaxies is... but much smaller. And it even includes the Satellites & Super Weapons mini-expansion!

In Tiny Epic Galaxies, and therefore Ultra-Tiny Epic Galaxies, each player controls their very own galaxy! In the game, they will be developing their own empire by managing resources, expanding their fleet, colonizing planets, and exploiting their enemies' positions.

The game runs on a clever dice-combining mechanic; players roll for their actions and choose the order in which to take them. This can lead to big payoff turns, especially when combo'd with planet abilities!

Throughout the game, players spend resources to upgrade their empires, reroll unwanted dice, and even follow the actions of other players' dice! The follow mechanic keeps all players engaged throughout the game for virtually zero downtime.

Players will accumulate power (victory points) based on the level of their empire, as well as for successfully colonizing planets. When a player has reached a power of 21 or higher, the end of the game is triggered.

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