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Sidekick Saga

Sidekick Saga

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One morning, the city of New Dover woke up to discover that all the powerful Super Heroes had disappeared! Where did they all go? No one seems to know what happened to them! The Gangs, Thugs, Minions, and Villains of New Dover immediately noticed the power vacuum in the city and began to assert themselves. The city is reeling from their attacks! What can be done? The Sidekicks of the Super Heroes haven?t given up the fight! They know they aren?t as powerful as the Bad Guys, but they are courageous and resourceful. They know where the Heroes have helpful technologies, weapons, and devices. To help each other out, the Sidekicks have set-up supply lines between themselves to share useful things. They will protect New Dover! And maybe along the way, they can find out what happened to the Super Heroes...This is their story: this is The Sidekick Saga.
  • 348 Cards
  • 75 Tokens
  • 25 Jumbo Cards
  • 9 Booklets
  • 25 Standee Pieces
  • 30 POW! Tokens

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