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The Final Flicktier

The Final Flicktier

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Boldly go where no asymmetric faction has gone before in this 4X game featuring a unique dice-flicking mechanism for movement & combat! In The Final Flicktier, players will take on the role of unique factions all vying for control of the galaxy. They?ll flick their spaceships (dice) around the board in order to explore new planets, build structures, harvest resources, and attack other factions. The player with the most victory points at the end wins. Games take around 60 minutes.
  • 2 neoprene mats
  • 11 faction cards
  • 56 resource/combat cards
  • 18 mission cards
  • 23 solo mode cards
  • 77 tokens
  • 8 bounty cards
  • 19 translucent dice in various sizes
  • 1 rulebook

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