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VIAE: Roads of Rome

VIAE: Roads of Rome

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VIAE is a strategic and competitive Area-Control Board Game set during the rise of the Roman Empire. As Tribunes, Players conquer the world for the glory of Rome: They build roads, conquer enemy cities and complete missions for the Senate. Through the power of influence, it?s common place in the Empire to conspire against each other, leading to deception and intrigue. Who will be the greatest conqueror?

The goal of the game is to be the player with the most influence (victory points) at the end of the game. The Game ends, as soon as a player completes three Mandatum (Missions). Mandatum grant bonus points at the end of the game. Influence can be gained in different ways during the game, the most common being conquering cities. Influence is also a resource needed to play cards that manipulate the game state. Since there is no fighting against eachother, players must find other ways to defeat their opponents. The game reacts according to the actions of the players and the Fortuna event deck add rules each round, simulating seasons and events, making every session unique.
  • 1 empire map board
  • 5 sets of 2 wooden player markers
  • 5 sets of 10 wooden legion pawns
  • 5 sets of 2 wooden officer pawns
  • 5 sets of 20 wooden road tokens
  • 5 sets of 12 wooden city forts
  • 5 wooden influence tracker cubes
  • 5 custom six sided conquest dice
  • 8 custom wooden basilicas
  • 5 player cohorte boards
  • 18 mandatum cards
  • 27 fortuna cards
  • 60 deceptio cards
  • 18 castra cards
  • 41 cardboard city tokens50 denar coin tokens
  • 50 wooden stone resource cubes
  • 1 game manual
  • 1 cardboard quick reference turn guide

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