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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins - The Engine of Life (2nd Edition)

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins - The Engine of Life (2nd Edition)

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The Fall shattered the World Before, but we've made it through catastrophes before. Every time our world falls apart, we've found a way to survive - and not just endure, but work together with friends new and old to build a new life. In this book you'll find a range of ways to point your game of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins towards an eventual rebirth. These include:
* New rules segments: Prophet characters, a Coda for your character's story, beautiful Havens and Festivals you can return to from age to age.
* Essays on life and rebirth: Love by Sawyer Rankin, Tradition by Chris Farnell, and Culture and Religion by James Mendez Hodes.
* Six new families: Take control of the geo-engineering Architects of Tomorrow, the diverse Coalition, the ethereal Serene Choir and more.
* Six new character playbooks: Create beautiful art with the Beacon, build alliances and romances with the Matchmaker, and hint at humanity's future with the supernatural Prodigy.
* Four new wonders: Change the world with the Aerie, the Green Defiance, the Transport Hub and the Rising Faith.
* A new Quickstart: Rally your friends and neighbors and save your city from the apocalypse in Burning Down Babylon.

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