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Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight

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Players take turns drawing a card from a deck of 100 cards of Snowballs, Splatballs, Snowball Piles, Snow Walls and Snow Forts. After drawing a card, the player may throw the Snowball(s) or Splatballs at another player; place a Snowball Pile, Snow Wall or Snow Fort card in front of them to protect them; or discard the card if it cannot be played. Once a player has been ?hit? by 10 snowballs, they are out. The last player standing is the winner. Game instructions include 2-player and Strategic Play variants.

Snowball Fight can be played almost anywhere and adapted to meet the needs, age, or skill of the players involved. With young players the rules can be simplified so the game is easy and engaging (kids learn to count, make sets and understand cause and effect). With older players new rules may be added for more complex game play, such as, ?any person who is out may rejoin after one round.?
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