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Cardfight!! Vanguard - Team Dragon's Vanity Extra Booster Box

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Team Dragon's Vanity Extra Booster Box


Sorry, this product is not currently available.

Estimated Release Date: March 06, 2020
Preorder Notes:
Expected Release: March 6, 2020. Date subject to change.

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Product Details

* Featuring the cards used by "Yuichirou Kanzaki", "Ryutarou Oyama", and "Ruga Kaizu" from the previous G series, and also members of the new "Team Dragon's Vanity" from the new animation series!

* 《Shadow Paladin》, the clan that "Yuichirou Kanzaki" uses, gets more ways to make use of grade 1 units! Show your strength with an all new style!

 Also featuring cards that power up the "Blaster Dark" deck!

* "Dragonic Vanquisher", the trump card that "Ryutarou Oyama" uses, binds cards from both players' hands to make the battle even more exciting!

* For 《Aqua Force》, the clan that "Ruga Kaizu" uses, a new way of fighting by decreasing and gaining abilities due to power adjustments is acquired!

 Also featuring cards that support "Maelstrom"!

* 15 reissue cards: "Witch of Extirpation, Bheara", "Dragon Dancer, Eluisa", "Blue Ward Command", "Grim Revenger", "Darkside Trumpeter", "Howl Owl", "Abyss Healer", "Malevolent Djinn", "Old Dragon Mage", "Dragon Dancer, Catharina", "Worm Toxin Eradicator, Seiobo", "Supersonic Sailor", "Pyroxene Communications Sea Otter Soldier", "Outride Dracokid", and "Medical Officer of the Rainbow Elixir"

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