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Fired Up

Fired Up

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Product Details

Fired Up is an arena game in which the players are the audience and not the fighters..

Use your influence dice to cheer or jeer the fighters, encourage them to run faster, fight better or even make them change their targets, so that you can see some amazing Highlights, and leave the stadium Fired Up!

Be careful though, since the other players may have totally different agendas so you need to make sure to adapt your energy to the right fighter at the right time.

Enhance your game with more Fighters found in the Agility Expansion and the Monster Expansion

Featuring the amazing artwork of The Mico and the beautiful sculpts of Nikos Rovakis(Crippled God Foundry)
  • 6 Fighter Miniatures
  • 6 Fighter Mats
  • 1 Big Arena Board
  • 1 Betting Board
  • 3 Bet Cards
  • 60 Highlights Cards
  • 8 Attack Dice
  • 7 Defence Dice
  • 25 Influence Dice
  • 10 Wooden Bleed Tokens
  • 5 Wooden Vp Tokens
  • 10 Yellow Glass Beads
  • 1 Purple Glass Bead
  • 10 Red Glass Beads
  • 5 Blue Glass Beads
  • 5 Cardboard Speed Tokens
  • 10 Cardboard Fired Up Tokens
  • 30 Bidding Cards
  • 1 Gametrayz Insert

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