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Next War: Supplement #2

Next War: Supplement #2

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This second Next War supplement will contain the following items:

Next War: Insurgency

This module adds counter-insurgency (COIN) warfare to the Next War Series of games. It presents rules for the use of insurgent units as well as specifying how the series rules are altered to support them. The primary premise of the module is that the conflicts represented by the main games, Next War: Korea, Next War: Taiwan, Next War: India-Pakistan, etc., are over, and one side or the other is now occupying formerly enemy territory. That enemy territory has now spawned an insurgency against the occupiers.

Next War Series Additions

Camp Humphreys: The United States is building a mega base in South Korea at Camp Humphrey's. These rules alter the way US reinforcements enter the peninsula and relieve the burden on Busan. It also offers opportunities for the DPRK player to interfere with those reinforcements.

Patriots, S-300/400s, and THAAD: his provides new, expanded rules for the use of these systems as well as providing all new updated counters. Players will be able to attempt to defend against Air Strikes as well as shoot down incoming Cruise Missiles (Patriot, S-300/S-400) or Ballistic Missiles (THAAD).

DPRK Nukes: The DPRK is deeply intent on weaponizing its missiles. These rules provide for that option, along with an "Assured Destruction" mechanism by which the DPRK can be incinerated for using them.

Combined "Sub"-System: Straight from a Next War player comes an excellent idea on combining the Submarine Marker rules from Supplement #1 with the Series ASW/Submarine Threat Level rules. This provides a framework for using the rules in that way.

Submarine Marker rules for Next War: Poland: Used either in conjunction with the combined rules above or stand-alone with the Submarine Marker rules from the Supplement, this will contain new counters and rules for applying those rules to the situation in Next War: Poland.

Updated Order of Battle for the PRC for use in Next War: Taiwan

Two counter sheets (containing the counters necessary for Insurgency, Submarine Markers for NWP, and the Next War additions as well as some correction counters)

One new Insurgency Sequence of Play (incorporating necessary changes for the Insurgency rules)

One Player Aid Card (incorporating necessary changes for the Insurgency rules)
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