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Detective: Season One

Detective: Season One

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Product Details

What's in the Box?

Detective Season One components, including game packaging, cards, game pieces, and rulebook

Three Exciting Cases to Test Your Mettle!

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 3 Case Decks

    • 23 Lead Cards

    • 1 Cover Card

  • 7 Skill Tokens

  • 1 Wooden Time Marker

  • 1 Wooden Investigators Marker

  • 5 Character Tiles

  • 4 Special Tokens

  • 24 Portrait Pictures

  • 1 Game Board

  • 1 Intro Sheet/Database Guide

Based on the Award Winning Detective Board Game!

Take the job of a real detective in a modern setting! Solve mysterious crimes as a professional police investigator! Use every tool at your disposal to solve these crimes - check the facts, constantly discover new clues, and discuss with your partners.

Detective: Season One is a fully cooperative, deeply immersive, board game in which 1 to 5 players take on the roles of investigators trying to solve a crime. It consists of 3 stand-alone cases that can be played in around 90 minutes each. Each of the cases challenges players with different settings and case styles. You are part of an investigative team and must gather information, collect evidence, and follow leads in order to solve a case. At the end of the game, you answer questions to gain victory points and win or lose the game based on the number of victory points you earn.

Learn to play Detective Season One with Watch It Played!

See what Detective Season One has in store for you!

See what people have to say about the game!

"It's another great addition to the line-up! If you were a fan of Detective, you'll enjoy this as well! It's more content, more cases that are easier to access - and that is probably the biggest selling point!"

"One of the best deduction games out there for being a detective!"

Luke Hector, The Broken Meeple

"The game has immersive story writing. I like how it brings things together and has some detailed writing. I enjoyed it in the original and I like it in this as well."


"This is the version of Detective I want to play and it's Excellent."

"They managed to improve upon an already great game and make it one I really enjoyed playing."


Get Back to the Beat!

Hit the streets and solve all kinds of crimes in this return of the award winning Detective series. Get your copy of Detective: Season One today!

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