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One Small Step
One Small Step
One Small Step
One Small Step
One Small Step
One Small Step

One Small Step

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What's in the Box?

One Small Step components, including game packaging, cards, game pieces, and rulebook

Over 300 High-Quality Components!

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 1 Board

  • 1 Beginner Game Overlay

  • 3 Resource Dice (Gray, Red, Brown)

  • 2 Agency Boards (USA, USSR)

  • 4 Cubes (2 Red, 2 Blue)

  • 2 Summary Sheets

  • 4 Red Meeples (2 Eng, 2 Admin)

  • 4 Blue Meeples (2 Eng, 2 Admin)

  • 90 Resource Tokens (10 each)

  • 12 Satellite Markers

  • 12 Crew Markers

  • 9 Advancement Tokens

  • 12 Crew Mission Cards (6 USA, 6 USSR)

  • 20 Satellite Mission Cards

  • 46 Development Cards

  • 19 Hazard Cards

  • 14 Advancement Cards

  • 54 Permanent Tokens (6 each)

Marvel Splendor components, including game packaging, cards, game pieces, and rulebook

The Great Space Race!

Play as either the USA or USSR space agencies on a team of one or two players. Compete against the opposing nation's team to develop your space program, launch missions, and be the first to land a man on the Moon.

Each team has four Workers of two different types: Administrators and Engineers. Teams alternate placing Workers on either an Earth Space or a Card Space to gain Resources, Bonus Tiles, and more. Earth Spaces have different worker placement effects that depend on which type of worker you place. Card Spaces require the placement of a specific type of worker that grants an immediate bonus and drafts the card into your hand for future development.

Collect nine different Resources split into three groups: Agency Resources, Satellite Resources, and Crew Resources. Use Agency Resources gained from placing workers to purchase cards you have drafted. Purchasing cards will most often gain you Satellite and Crew Resources. Use Satellite Resources to launch Satellite Missions into Earth's orbit to increase your Agency's knowledge and upgrade your game engine. Launch Crew Missions with Crew Resources to advance along the Moon Path for Victory Points and greater rewards.

The first team to reach the end of the Moon Path lands on the Moon and triggers the end of the game. The team with the most VP represents the nation that did the most to progress humanity's knowledge for the future.

One Small Step

Live the drama and excitement of the Space Race as your team fights for victory. Preorder your copy of One Small Step Today!

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