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What's in the Box?

Beez components, including game packaging, cards, game pieces, and rulebook

100+ High-Quality Components!

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 1 Appendix

  • 1 Scoring Pad

  • 4 Honeycombs

  • 4 Bees with Beehives

  • 4 Player Markers

  • 15 Flower Tiles

  • 5 Leaf Tiles

  • 1 Start Title

  • 45 Small Drops of Nectar

  • 10 Large Drops of Nectar

  • 18 Objective Cards

A row of four plastic Bees in different colors

A closeup of a bee figure on its colored base

The Buzz on BEEZ!

Welcome to the secret live of bees! Within our global ecosystems, bees play a fundamental role. Flying from one flower to another to gather their priceless nectar, they also pollinate the plants they visit. This simple action ensures the growth of flowers and plants and makes an irreplacable contribution to keeping the world's environment healthy. Beez invites players to discover the laborious world of the bees. Only those who keep an eye on the objectives will makes the tastiest honey from the nectar they collect!

Prepare yourself to take flight as a bee! Players will compete to optimize their flight plans to secure nectar for their hive. Be careful of the other bees, you will compete with them over a set of public and private scoring goals. The challenge in planning and storing the nectar will make your brain buzz!

A spread of carboard game board tiles with images of flowers and leaves

A closeup of a bee figure on its colored base

Bees Get Down to Business!

Every move consists of three phases: 1) Flight planning: In this phase you plan how far and in which direction your collector bee will fly. The beehive helps with the possible flight direction and flight distance. 2) Fly and collect nectar drops: The collector bee flies in the planned direction. If she lands on a flower, she can collect an adjacent nectar drop. If she lands on a drop of water, she can fly again. 3) Make honey: The nectar drops can be stored in the honeycomb according to the flight distance. A drop must be placed adjacent to a placed drop. If the nectar drop cannot be stored, it stays in the garden. The game ends if a player has 12 nectar drops in his honeycomb.

Fill your honeycomb with nectar in different colors. Place the nectar optimally to fulfill multiple objective cards in different ways and get the most honey at the end of the game!

A spread of carboard game board tiles with images of flowers and leaves

Make that Honey!

See what the buzz is all about in the latest title from Plan B's Next Move Games. Get your copy of BEEZ today!

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