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Secret Lair Drop Series - The Path Not Traveled

Secret Lair Drop Series - The Path Not Traveled

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Being a Planeswalker comes with heavy responsibilities. What would happen if our Planeswalkers decided to pack things up and do something else with their lives-or had never sparked at all? This drop explores alternate fates for Ajani, Domri, Tamiyo, and Vraska. We've entrusted their lives to the steady hands of Yeong-Hao Han, Chris Rallis, David Rapoza, and Mike Uziel. Maybe in yet another universe, these Planeswalkers are collecting cards of you!
  • 1 Foil Alt-Art Ajani Steadfast 
  • 1 Foil Alt-Art Domri Rade 
  • 1 Foil Alt-Art Tamiyo, Field Researcher 
  • 1 Foil Alt-Art Vraska, Golgari Queen 

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