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Deep State: New World Order

Deep State: New World Order

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Product Details

Deep State - New World Order is a game of strategy, conspriacy, set collection, and a little bit of meeple placement, set in a dark dystopian reality. The game events unfold around a secret and powerful organization called "The Committee". Its main goal is to create a unified global government by infiltrating political, financial and social institutions, carrying out covert operations, taking the lead in the world domination projects.

  • 4 Project sheets
  • 55 Objective cards
  • 46 Treaty cards
  • 34 Secondary Objective cards
  • 6 Covert Operation tiles
  • 18 Men of Action cards
  • 50 wooden Agent pawns
  • 2 wooden Supervisor token
  • 8 Ghost Agent tokens
  • 3 Treaty tokens
  • 10 Reference cards
  • 1 Scoring Pad
  • Game Rules
  • Reference Guide

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