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Numenera: Liminal Shore

Numenera: Liminal Shore

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A land of secrets, beyond the farthest seas... or, perhaps, farther still.

Here, everything lives. Not just the dense forests and lush grasslands, teeming with creatures fabulous and humble. Not just the very earth, rocks, seas, and air. But even the clothes, the weapons, the cyphers you bring with you to this place. It all breathes, grows, consumes, heals, and, well, lives.

Massive flying creatures drift through the skies. Cities crawl, float, or fly across the landscape. Magnificent superstructures soar upward, so tall they touch the Void itself. And beneath one's feet, strange organs and vascules permeate the earth. It's a land unknown to most in the Steadfast. A land of secrets, said to lie beyond the farthest seas . . . but perhaps its real location is the greatest secret of all.

An entire new realm to explore. Numenera players and GMs are always clamoring to see more of the unique Ninth World; this is the first major expansion of the setting in years!
New cyphers, artifacts, creatures, and even new playable species make this an appealing book to all Numenera and Cypher System players.
Includes multiple adventures that transition campaigns into this new region and give players and GMs loads to do when they get there.
5e players who have enjoyed Arcana of the Ancients will find this intriguing, and the spectacular cover art will make this a book your customers pick up and flip through-drawing interest to the entire Numenera line

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